Wednesday, January 7, 2009

black and white world

three recent sources of inspiration.

richard horwood's 1790s map of london. "a landmark for its day. horwood intended the plan to show every house, every street, lane and alleyway, every feature, and many gardens in order to serve the needs of the gentlemen landowners, surveyors and public officials of the day. it was to be the first map since 1676 to show every individual property, and it remained the largest scale map of london for decades to come." it took horwood and his team of surveyors more than ten years to complete.

amateur british astronomer alexander jamieson's celestial atlas of 1822.

the voynich manuscript, a mysterious undeciphered illustrated book thought to have been written between 1450 and 1520. The author, script and language still remain unknown. over its recorded existence, the manuscript has been the object of intense study by many professional and amateur cryptographers, including top codebreakers of world war ii fame, all of whom failed to decrypt a single word. the images are as inscrutable as the text.

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