Friday, July 18, 2008

another serving of tea

here are three of the new teapots, glaze-fired and spruced-up with decals.
the flower decals are commercially available products.
the fishing lure decals were made by me.
i'm using a print gocco to make the decals.
it's so much quicker and easier than decals i've made previously with
conventional silkscreen techniques! i'm looking forward to doing more!
the teapots are for sale at my etsy shop.


stacey said...

These are beautiful! You do beautiful work. I think I now where I'm doing a lot of my holiday shopping. See you soon.

gone to pot said...

thanks stacey!

shoshonasnow said...

Your surface design just keeps getting better and better. LOVE the new teapot and cup sets you just posted in your shop.

gone to pot said...

hey girl,

nice of you to stop by and leave such kind words. i've been wanting to make on-glaze decals since i was in college!