Thursday, May 22, 2008

ceramics tees

ayumi horie is a fantastic potter working in new york's hudson valley. in addition to her whimsical animal-inspired ceramics, she's now selling two great t-shirts for the clay-inclined.
  • 'brennofenkatastrophenangst' translates roughly as "the fear and anxiety one feels when something goes horribly wrong in the kiln, yet the results are unclear and one has to wait and wonder through sleepless nights, many hours or days, for the kiln to be cool enough to open."
yes, i bought one of each!


shoshonasnow said...

Ayumi lives one town over from me. I'm a proud owner of several of her pieces and yes, I have the shirts as well. ☺

gone to pot said...

don't you love her work! that's my sister with chicken cup and cow in ayumi's pots in action photos. i have pig and dog cups and plates, too.